2018 Wrap-Up!

2018 Wrap-Up!

We wrote this email to our subscribers earlier this year, and even though it's April, we thought it's a good thing to share on 'the blog!' Have a read, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!

2018 - what a year! We felt like we were on a wave and just had to keep madly paddling in order to stay on it. How was it for you?!!
We wanted to share a re-cap on everything we (the Magpie Goose community) were able to achieve together last year.

If you've just joined us, Magpie Goose is a social enterprise with a two-fold mission: 

1.    To create opportunities for people to connect with Aboriginal art, culture and stories through fashion; and

2.    To generate new economic opportunities for Aboriginal people living in remote Australia 

Below is a summary of the impact we've created over the last 12 months:


  • Over $32,000 in licensing payments were made to independent artists
  • Over $58,000 of fabric was purchased from art centres
  • Over $2800 went to Aboriginal models who modelled clothing for Magpie Goose
  • Over $900 paid to artists for a small pilot run of earrings produced for Magpie Goose 

Skill development

  • Five women and ten high school girls took part in the Katherine Fashion Futures pilot, which involved designing jewellery, planning and shooting a lookbook, confidence / styling workshops, and culminated in a community fashion show! This initiative was made possible thanks to our funding partners - NT Health and Godinymayin Arts and Cultural Centre

  • Six artists from Minyerri took part in a textile design workshop, held in Minyerri community in April 2018. Their designs will be featured in an upcoming 2019 collection
  • 11 artists were involved in textile design workshops in Kalumburu community in Kimberley WA in August 2018 (pictured below!). These designs will be released in late 2019 
  • 18 people took part in earring enterprise workshops in Katherine (at Katherine Doorways Hub and Katherine Women’s Crisis Centre) and in Alice Springs (at Iltja Njarra/Many Hands Art Centre)
  • 11 young people took part in Hopevale Fashion Futures to shoot the lookbook and website shots for the Hopevale range!

*Magpie Goose is incubated by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP). Skill development activities were supported through a grant ELP receives from the Department of Social Services (DSS) to foster microenterprise development.

Opportunities created through partnerships

  • Tiwi artist Bede Tungatalum received income through a licensing agreement with Finders Keepers markets, and his Tiwi Bird design was featured at markets and across marketing material for Melb/Sydney/Brisbane during the first half of 2018
  • Woodford Folk Festival asked Magpie Goose to nominate two artists to be involved in the Festival. We were thrilled to support Rhonda and Margaret Duncan to travel to take part in the festival. They facilitated a series of sold out weaving workshops and appeared onstage to share stories about their life journey and experiences as artists
  • Telstra Perth Fashion Festival showcased the Magpie Goose collection as part of their Community Events Program – five emerging Aboriginal models were flown down from Broome + the Pilbara especially to participate in the Magpie Goose and Kirrikin show!

Transparency and communication

  • We continue to work with our fabulous partners Sphinx Australia (in Bankstown, Western Sydney) - they are proudly Ethical Clothing Australia accredited (ECA), so you can ensure your Magpie Goose clothes are made in fair and safe conditions 
  • We aim to be transparent and open with our business model, including social impact and how we pay our artists - as always, we welcome your questions
  • We are planning to send out more regular email updates this year to have you with us on this wild journey – let us know what you’d like to hear more about!  We also love hearing from you!  

Pop ups

2018 saw us going all over Australia to share Magpie Goose clothing with our growing community. We love these opportunities to foster new connections between remote Aboriginal artists and people from all around Australia (and the world!)

We have also (excitingly!) set up retail partnerships with Yardsale Trading Co in Newcastle, Mallee Bay Studio in Mooloolaba, and Design A Space in Melbourne - and are planning on partnering with more stockists over the next year. 

People LOVE learning about the stories and the artists behind the prints and as a result of our pop up adventures, we were able to connect with thousands of people across the following locations:

  • Brisbane x 2 (thanks to our hosts Avid Reader/Avid Kitchen and Garden and Finders Keepers)
  • Melbourne (thanks Curated, Finders Keepers and Big Design Market)
  • Sydney (thanks Finders Keepers and Big Design Market)
  • Fremantle (thanks Stackwood for hosting us twice!)
  • Darwin (thanks Accomplice, Nightcliff Markets and Lulu and Daw)
  • Newcastle (thanks to Olive Tree Markets and Yardsale)
  • Alice Springs (thanks Elbow workshop)
  • Katherine (thanks to The Finch and GYRACC)
  • Hobart (thanks to the Masonic Temple)
  • Cairns (thanks to Makin Whoopee)
  • Townsville (thanks to Cotters on Flinders Markets)
  • Adelaide (thanks Good Studios)
  • Beechworth (thanks Eldorado Road Winery)
  • Woodford (thanks to Woodford Folk Festival) 

The pop-ups enabled us to hear direct feedback on the clothing and also see how the clothes fit on different body shapes. We look forward to incorporating all of this intel into upcoming collections.

Upcoming collections

We are so looking forward to bringing you some fabulous new designs from the following communities in 2019-2020!

  • Hopevale (Far North QLD) - (now live!)
  • Minyerri (Roper region near Katherine)
  • Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff, in the West Macs near Alice)
  • Kalumburu (at the top of the Kimberley region in WA!)
  • Galiwin'ku (East Arnhem)

One thing that has warmed our hearts is hearing so many stories from people who’ve told us how powerful they feel in Magpie Goose clothing. We hope that you continue to look and feel fabulous this year, and that 2019 rolls out the red carpet for you.
Laura + Maggie


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Rhonda Holmes May 28 2019

Am a Victorian currently in Katherine for 3 days and was hoping to buy from you as Aboriginal friends have shared your info BUT it appears you do not retail here. Going on to Darwin is this closest retail. Love what you are doing.

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