2019 Impact Wrap-Up!

2019 Impact Wrap-Up!

OK we know we're halfway through 2020 already (and blimey what a year it's been so far!) - but sharing this is so important that it's better late than never!


If you've just joined us - welcome! Our mission is:

1. To create opportunities for people to connect with Aboriginal art, culture and stories through clothing; and

2. To generate new economic opportunities for Aboriginal people around Australia (through textile design, storytelling, modelling, and any other ways that emerge as the business develops!) 

Below is a summary of the impact we (our community!) created together in line with our mission throughout 2019:


  • Over $75,000 in licensing payments generated for independent artists + remote Aboriginal art centres (bringing our total licensing payments to over $340,000 since 2017)
  • We purchased $11,000 of screen printed fabric from remote art centres
  • We made over $4000 of payments to Aboriginal models
  • Over $1000 was generated for artists involved in our earring project.   


We supported :

  • 21 artists to participate in textile design workshops
  • 10 people to take part in an earring design workshop
  • 12 aspiring models to take part in our Fashion Futures program. They gained modelling experience over three days as we worked with them to shoot the Minyerri collection.
  • 3 of the Minyerri artists to travel to Darwin for the launch of their collection. They were able to interact with customers + participate in radio and TV interviews, sharing stories of their experience of collaborating with Magpie Goose.


In 2019 we released FOUR collections in partnerships with Jinibara, Hopevale, Minyerri + Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff communities. 

Magpie Goose was approached by Frankie Magazine to curate their 2020 diary. The diary featured designs from eight of our previous artistic collaborators, generating further licensing income + world renown for them as a result!

Magpie Goose created new greeting cards with seven previous artist collaborators, to enable continued income from their designs. 

Both of these opportunities were made possible with licensing support from Copyright Agency


We co-hosted 17 popups across the country enabling us to directly share wearable Aboriginal art with over 1500 people (who then wear the clothes and share the stories with their friends + families!)

Customers report feeling powerful and connected to Aboriginal culture and stories when they wear the clothes, and the artists get such a kick from seeing their designs worn around the country- this is what it's all about!

Artists from Minyerri and Hopevale co-produced videos to share their stories with the growing Magpie Goose community  (you can find these on our website, instagram + youtube channel!)


Thanks for being such an important part of it all - your ongoing support means the world!  

Here's to a creative and compassionate second half of 2020.


Maggie + Laura + the extended Magpie Goose team 

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