Kalumburu textile design workshop

You've probably seen some of the beautiful photos that the Kalumburu Photography Collective took last year for us. In late 2017 we gave the newly formed group a brief and a budget and asked them to undertake a shoot for Magpie Goose - what they came back with was on point! The photos were bold, proud, unapologetic, fabulous.

At the end of the project some of the women mentioned that their grandmothers, aunties and nieces would love to put their artwork onto clothing - and the seed was planted! 

Fast forward to July 2018 and we set off from Katherine and travelled to Kalumburu (a humble 15 hour drive!) - first to Kununurra, then up the Gibb River Rd, and then on towards the Mitchell Plateau! Let me tell you, you really pray for a grader on that road. 

The workshops took place at the Kalumburu Strong Womens Centre over a week. After sharing the 'Magpie Goose story so far' we began to introduce the process of textile design. The designs always start with a story, so we LOVED sitting around yarning and hearing some of the amazing stories from Kalumburu. That's where the magic happens! 'Do people really care about these stories? Are they interesting to other people? Will they look good on clothes?" They asked us. YES YES YES!! 

Then everyone started drawing, painting, playing with big and small motifs, replicating, cutting up, moving about, thinking about how the stories of Kalumburu would look on fabric, and then on clothes!

At the end of the week we'd licensed 14 designs from 10 women - and they are all so so fabulous. We can't wait to share them with you - all in good time! From here, we'll finalise colourways, get the designs onto screens, and printed on the base cloth (by our friends at Publisher Textiles), get the fabric made into clothes via our manufacturers in Bankstown and then return for the inaugural KALUMBURU FASHION WEEK for the launch party in March/April 2018, and then engage the Kalumburu Photography Collective to shoot the lookbook (featuring local models from Kalumburu) - now that's a nice circular narrative! And then eventually (!!!) these clothes will make their way into your hot little hands (aiming for a April/May 2019 launch!)


- MG

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