New prints from Urapunga and Borroloola artists on the way!

The stars recently aligned in KATHERINE (Fashion Capital Of The World) to enable Margaret and Rhonda Duncan and Nancy McDinny and Stewart Hoosan create some new textile prints for Magpie Goose!

It all went down at Katherine Regional Arts - a local arts organisation with a small but powerful staff, who had invited the very excellent screen printing master Tim Growcott to undertake a residency in Katherine and share his skills with the community! We were lucky enough to lure emerging fashion designer/textile master Millie Shorter down from Darwin, along with the fabulous  Humpty Doo/Brisbane film maker Thea Shroeder! 

Here's Margaret and Rhonda on day one ready to get their design on. 

First the artists sketched their designs on big bits of plain paper. This is Margaret coming up with her billabong/bush food scene from her home community of Urapunga. 

Next up we traced the designs onto clear acetate/plastic paper with ink and textas. Here's Stewart painting his bush tomatoes that grow wild up in the hills in the Gulf Country around Borroloola:

And Rhonda working on her pandanus story print (from tree to woven basket!)

It's important to work out the repeats - so that the designs can fit in together nicely when repeated on fabric!

It was fun to play around with photo copying, enlarging, cutting/pasting and repeating simple motifs, to see what would look good repeated on fabric. Here's Millie and Margaret arranging Margaret's Lily Root design. 

And Stewart's wattle tree and honey bird design repeated all over one big bit of paper!

Meanwhile, Tim was showing us how to make up screens from scratch - stretching, staple-gunning, hammering... 

Then we coated the screens with light sensitive emulsion (magic)

Next up - the exposing! We put the clear plastic with the design over the emulsion-coated screen, covered it with a blanket to take it outside, put it in the sun for 12 seconds...

The images burns onto the screen, then we have to hose the emulsion stuff off - the image remains!

And then the fun begins! Testing out the screens, printing on fabric! (with Thea capturing it all on film - cant wait to see the stories!)

And then the drying and more printing! (this is Stewart's 'ringer' design)

And Rhonda's pandanus design

Everyone was very excited to see their designs printed on fabric - it's a real skill to master the repeat on textiles, and everyone got the hang of it!

Here's Margaret feeling pretty proud of her lily root design

and here's Nancy checking out her sea food scene!



So many great new designs (and colour ways!) to choose from - where do we start? 

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  • MElanie on

    So exciting! The prints are looking amazing and so excellent to see who whole process.

  • Charlotte Thompson on

    This is so wonderful to see.
    I am so delighted to see all these wonderful artists looking so happy & producing beautiful work, includingmummy Margaret & mummy Rhonda. ???

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