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        HopeVale is home to thirteen clan groups who mostly speak Guugu Yimithirr language. It's about 40 minutes north of Cooktown, which is about four hours drive north of Cairns, in the Cape York Peninsula. HopeVale was originally established as the Cape Bedford Mission, so HopeVale residents traditionally come from lands all across Northern QLD. The designs from Hopevale tell rich stories of connection to land, stolen generations and forced movement across the state, memories of childhood and mission days, bush foods and native flora and fauna.

        Babatha Nganga - Gum Flowers

        By Dora Deemal

        Green Ants

        By Grace Rosendale
        Bulgan Warra - Sacred Lake

        By Madge Bowen

        Yarrun (wattle flower)
        By Gertie Deera
        Family Washing

        By Wanda Gibson