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        Babbarra Designs
        Art Centre / Women's Centre

        Bábbarra Women’s Centre is located in Maningrida, in North West Arnhem Land. Starting in 1983 as a women's refuge, the Centre enables women to develop and run women-centred enterprises that support healthy and sustainable livelihoods. The main enterprise is Bábbarra Designs - a textile workshop specialising in the production of hand-printed fabric design (both screenprinting and lino printing). Bábbarra Designs is one of the oldest continuously operating Indigenous textile enterprises in Australia.

        Bábbarra Women's Centre is governed by women, for women, led by the strong voices of the Bábbarra Women’s Board. A core objective is to enable women to gain economic independence. There are very limited ways for people to generate sustainable incomes in meaningful ways in the Maningrida /West Arnhem region. Working in the arts and cultural sector affords one of the best opportunities for doing two things that most people want to do: live with their families and work to earn a reasonable income. Read more about Bábbarra's social impact here.

        Bábbarra is a word in the Ndjébbana language of the Kunibídji people on whose country the community of Maningrida lies. It is the name of a place belonging to the Dukúrrdji clan. You say ‘Bábbarra’ with the stress on the first syllable: ‘bá’, and you can read more about the Bábbarra story here.

        Artwork and fabric is available for purchase via Bábbarra's Online store

        Bio, photos and video provided by Bábbarra Designs. Read more on Bábbarra on the website, and watch the video story about Bábbarra below.

        Belinda Kuriniya and Deborah Wurrkidj printing Kun-gnol design in Maningrida, with Kylie Hall and Raylene Bonson helping on the dryers

        Bábbarra Women’s Governance Board

        Bábbarra Designs Video Story

        In 2017 Bábbarra Designs opened up their studio to Frankie Magazine as part of a Magpie Goose feature.