Jinibara Arts

Jinibara Arts, also known as the Jinibara Gallery, has emerged from a partnership between the producers of the Woodford Folk Festival, and the Traditional Custodians of the Woodford area, the Jinibara people.


The partnership was initially established to create a viable business for Jinibara people by sharing their art and culture with the world. There is workshop on Jinibara Country (at the Woodford Folk Festival site), from which artists do painting, clapstick and spear carving, and wood burning. The Jinibara Gallery emerges for each Woodford Folk Festival event, to share artworks, traditional artefacts, and traditional workshops with festival goers.


Read more about the Magpie Goose X Jinibara collaboration here.

Jinibara artists BJ and Jason at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair in 2019 with Magpie Goose co-founders Maggie and Laura

Uncle Noel Blair running a woomera throwing workshop at Woodford Folk Festival

Jinibara Dancers at Woodford Folk Festival. Image - Woodford Folk Festival

Jinibara artists Jason Murphy and Uncle Noel Blair with Magpie Goose graphic designer Millie Shorter