Gaanyji (Shells) by Jacqui Hunter out now! 🐚

Kalumburu Collection

Artwork Stories & Artist Bios

A collaboration with the Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre (the Kimberley, WA). Bold, statement prints telling stories of bush foods, special people and animals, cultural practices, fishing, going bush, and Mission history!  

By Dominica Williams
Marlingu (Oysters)  
By Nina Maraltadj

Catch a stingray with a spear
By Cathy Bundamurra
Lily Pads
By Dulcie Williams
Hunting Tools
By Sally-Anne Milgin

Macassans trading with my people
By Rosa Marnga
Croc Farm
By Jacinta Undalghumen
Mission Fruits
By Cissy Unghangu
Sister Scholly
By Nina Maraltadj
Boab Nuts
By Jacinta Undalghumen