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        ART STORY: Manboor (Ghost Crab)

        This design is adapted from my multi-crab design, Crayfish (joodarn), Ghost crab (manboor), and the moon, which is all about catching crabs and crays according to the moons and the tides.

        The moon tells us what to go fishing for, and when we should go fishing. We don't look at tide charts.

        In this design we’ve got Manboor - the ghost crab. Manboor dig holes up on the sandy beach - we use them as bait to catch fish. You have to dig up the manboor and scoop them out of the sand, or as they come up you just tap them, hook them, and throw them out on a hand line!

        At full moon people go to the fish traps. They’ve been round way before my time - the old Bardi stone trap - people are still using it today! Mainly for fish or stingray. When the tide is low, the big rocks trap fish in

        ABOUT THE ARTIST: Eddie James

        My name’s Eddie, but my nickname is ‘All of a sudden’. I come from the Bardi tribe; and my mum is from Pannawonica - near Karratha. I was born in Broome, did Primary School there, then moved up the coast to Beagle Bay in 1972, then further up to Ardyaloon to be with dad’s family.

        We live in a place that’s hard to leave - it’s good living out here by the water, fishing and what-not, camping.

        I used to do a lot of work for the local Aboriginal Corporation - landscaper, labourer, machine operator, all sorts. I’m just starting art now; I picked up a canvas one day and started painting! I like to paint - lots of things that come into my mind: turtles, dugong, landscape, birds. Turtles are one of the main food source for the Bardi people - I paint them a lot.

        I live with my partner Annette. We have three grown up sons, and 10 grandchildren.