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        Our Collaborators - past and present!

        Sally-Anne Milgin - Artist

        “I’ve lived here in Kalumburu all my life. My family group is Wunambal Gaambera.I like doing artwork, it keeps me occupied and it's fun. I also like fishing. I feel free when I go fishing, it reminds me of our family a long time ago, out in the bush"

        Dulcie Williams - Artist

        “Dulcie was born in Wyndham and grew up in Oombulgurri with her grandparents. She moved to Kalumburu when she was 18. She has one sister and three brothers.

        “I like living in Kalumburu - it’s quiet, I go for a walk every afternoon and look at the views. Sometimes I go to church, say prayers.”

        Dulcie Williams - Artist

        “Dulcie was born in Wyndham and grew up in Oombulgurri with her grandparents. She moved to Kalumburu when she was 18. She has one sister and three brothers.

        “I like living in Kalumburu - it’s quiet, I go for a walk every afternoon and look at the views. Sometimes I go to church, say prayers.”

        Rosa Marnga - Artist

        “I’m from Kalumburu in the Kimberley region, North West Western Australia. I'm from the Wunambal Gaambera tribe, and the Kwini tribe. My father is traditional owner for this country - from Pago up to Kalumburu. Our family are the main people for this country - we’re the guardians.

        Cissy Unghangu - Artist

        “I live in Kalumburu, in the North Kimberley WA. All my family are from here. I’m a Gaambera person on my mum’s side, and on my dad and grandmother’s side I'm a Kwini person. I like doing pictures and artwork, though i wouldn't call myself an artist!"

        Cathy Bundamurra - artist

        "I grew up in Kalumburu (in the Northern Kimberley region, Western Australia). My family is Kwini tribe, but we’re half desert mob. My father is from country over near Port Hedland.


        Jacinta Undalghumen - Artist

        "I’m a Kwini person on both sides; my mother came from Oombulgarri.

        When I’m in Kalumburu I go to the Strong Women's Centre and paint the things I remember my family doing when I was small - like my uncles carving and painting boabs; the artifacts they did in those days, that have carried on to me. Doing art makes me feel good."

        Dominica Williams - Artist

        Dominica Williams is a young Kwini and Gaambera woman from Kalumburu community, in the far North Kimberley region of Western Australia. She is a Wunambal Gaambera and Kwini person.



        Ikuntji Artists - Art Centre

        Ikuntji Artists is located in Haasts Bluff community, which is 230km west of Alice Springs, in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Ikuntji Artists was the first art centre established for women of the Western Desert art movement.

        Nina Maraltadj - Artist

        "My name is Maria Maraltadj but people call me Nina. I have lived in Kalumburu all my life. I am Kwini, and my language is Bela. My family’s country is Cape Londenery area. I live in Kalumburu but we take our children to McGowan beach on the weekend and school holidays.

        Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon - Artist

        Alice is a Luritja and Pintupi artist; born in 1943 near Talaalpi: country east of

        Walungurru on the Western Australia / Northern Territory border. Alice is an established artist who has exhibited widely around Australia and the world.


        Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre

        The Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre was established as a Domestic Violence Shelter; it links community members to support services, and provides workshops and events to support domestic violence awareness and child safety.

        Mitjili Napurrula - Artist

        Mitjili is an acclaimed Luritja artist, born in 1945 at Papunya, 200 kilometres west of Alice Springs. Her mother Tjunkayi Napaltjarri ‘came in’ from drought-stricken Pintupi/Lurjita country.


        Mavis Nampitjinpa Marks - Artist

        Mavis is an accomplished Luritja Pintupi artist; born at Newhaven, 360km North

        West of Mpwartne (Alice Springs). She has been widely exhibited around Australia and the world.


        Keturah Zimran - Artist

        Keturah is an established Luritja and Pintupi artist, who comes from a long

        line of acclaimed artists. Her grandmother Narputta Nangala Jugadai was painting from the beginning of the desert painting movement in the 1970s.


        Eunice Napanangka Jack - Artist

        Eunice is an acclaimed Luritja, Ngaanyatjarra and Pintupi artist; born in 1940 at Lupul in the Sir Frederick Ranges. When Eunice was a little girl shortages of food forced her family east towards the ration stations in central Australia.


        Millie Shorter - Creative Consultant

        Millie Shorter is a textile and fashion designer who creates bold designs with a uniquely Australian charm. Millie has qualifications in graphic design, screen printing and fashion design.


        Sphinx Australia - Manufacturers

        Sphinx Australia has been in operation since 1984, and is the longest running clothing factory in NSW. At its helm is father and son team Hassan and Tom, who have led the growth of the business.


        Publisher Textiles
        Commercial screenprinters

        Publisher Textiles, founded in 2002, is owned and run by Mark and Steph in Leichhardt, Sydney. Publisher's two full time printers are masters of their trade.


        Uncle Noel Blair - Artist

        Uncle Noel Blair is a Jinibara artist who lives between Brisbane’s West End and his house on Jinibara Country (Woodford, QLD). His art practice focuses on burning traditional and contemporary designs onto hand carved wooden artifacts such as walking sticks, clapsticks and boomerangs.


        Bábbarra Designs - Art Centre

        Bábbarra Women’s Centre is located in Maningrida, in North West Arnhem Land. Starting in 1983 as a women's refuge, the Centre enables women to develop and run women-centred enterprises.


        Margaret Duncan - Artist

        Margaret comes from a family who are all artists – her brothers and sisters are painters, weavers and carvers. When her third child Tasha was born with cerebral palsy she became her fulltime carer.


        HopeVale Arts and Culture Centre

        HopeVale Arts and Cultural Centre is a based in HopeVale Community, 30 mins north of Cook Town in the Cape York Peninsula. The adjoining Nganthanun Bamawi Bayan Gallery displays locally produced arts, crafts and artefacts. The centre welcomes visitors, and also travels to art shows around Australia to share their art and cutlure.

        Jason Murphy - Artist

        Jinibara artist Jason Murphy grew up in the West End in Brisbane, where he currently resides and retains strong links to his country.“Jinibara country goes down as far as Mt Nebo, as far north as Maleney, West to Kilcoy”. Jason’s artwork defies traditional artistic definition


        Tiwi Design - Art Centre

        Tiwi Design is located in Wurrumiyanga/Nguiu on the south eastern corner of Bathurst Island. Wurrumiyanga has a population of approx. 1500.


        Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation

        Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation is a multifaceted social enterprise/Aboriginal Corporation based in Wadeye.  


        Jinibara Arts

        Jinibara Arts is a based on Jinibara Country, north of Brisbane. Jinibara mob are the traditional owners of the Woodford Folk Festival site, and the country around this - Mt Nebo, Maleney, Kilcoy. Magpie Goose created a special collection with Jinibara Artists to launch at the 2018/2019 Woodford Folk Festival.

        Rhonda Duncan - Artist

        Rhonda moved to Katherine in 2016 after her partner passed away. She became a painter, a carver and a weaver after watching her three brothers.


        Injalak Arts - Art Centre

        Injalak Arts & Crafts is an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise in Gunbalanya, Western Arnhem Land. Injalak has over 200 active members living on their traditional lands in and around Gunbalanya.