About us

Bold Fashion and powerful social impact

The Magpie Goose mission is twofold:

  1. To create opportunities for non-Indigenous people to connect with Aboriginal art, culture and stories through fashion; and
  2. To generate new economic opportunities for Aboriginal people living in remote Australia 

ELP partnership

Magpie Goose is currently being incubated by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP), an organisation dedicated to fostering and supporting grassroots business development in partnership remote Aboriginal communities. ELP works to:

  • Address the extreme economic exclusion experienced by Aboriginal people through enterprise; and
  • Enable non-Indigenous Australians to connect with, share in, and celebrate, Australia's many Aboriginal cultures.

    ELP's support will enable Magpie Goose to grow into an inclusive business, facilitating opportunities for those in ELP's partner communities to be involved in brand development, content creation, sales and marketing, textile design, media/communications and modelling. As the business grows, so too will opportunities for Aboriginal people to get involved in different facets of the venture. 

    Supporting growth of Art Centres

    Purchasing fabrics in large quantities from our beloved art centre partners also supports their growth. A guaranteed market for their fabric and designs means they can scale their businesses and offer more jobs for artists, designers and screenprinters, and keep their art centres strong.

    Magpie Goose also aims to work with communities that do not currently have screen-printing facilities but have an appetite for telling their stories through textiles. A demonstrated market demand for Aboriginal textiles will strengthen the case for investment in these capabilities. 

    We are committed to growing a business that the art centres and artists we are working with are proud of, and have a key stake in.

    We are open to your thoughtful feedback, suggestions, questions and comments.

    Our first collection!

    Simple yet powerful: classic dresses, shorts, skirts and tops, from 12 incredible prints designed and printed in four remote Aboriginal communities across the Top End: Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation in Wadeye; Tiwi Design in Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island; Injalak Arts in Gunbalanya; and Bábbarra Women's Centre, Maningrida.



    Our first range was developed in partnership with our fabulous Balinese tailor - Gusti Ayu Putu Sriani; and manufactured by her trusty network of family-run tailors.

    From September 2017 we transitioned our manufacturing to Sphinx Australia, an Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited workshop in Bankstown, Sydney.