About us

Magpie Goose founders - Maggie McGowan & Laura Egan
Maggie McGowan is co-founder of Magpie Goose, and currently oversees the day to day operations of the business.Maggie studied Law and Politics at the University of Melbourne, and moved to the NT in 2013. She spent three years working as a Welfare Rights and Civil Lawyer at the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) in Darwin & Katherine; travelling to remote communities across the Top End of the NT working with Aboriginal people on immediate legal needs and larger systemic problems. Through her remote travel Maggie was introduced to and fell in love with the beautiful textiles that were being designed and hand screen-printed at community art centres. In working intensively with clients disenfranchised and impoverished by Community Development Program/ work for the dole, she realised the importance of creative income generation through enterprise. The idea for Magpie Goose was born: an opportunity for the world to connect with and celebrate Aboriginal people, stories and culture through fashion; while also creating economic opportunities for Aboriginal people in remote communities.
 Laura Egan is co-founder of Magpie Goose, and is involved in business strategy and financial oversight. Laura studied Economics and International Relations at Deakin University, and Indigenous Studies at James Cook University. Laura is CEO and Founder of Enterprise Learning Projects, an incubator that works in partnership with remote Aboriginal communities to explore enterprise as a way to share cultural assets, and generate meaningful income. She has over 10 years of experience in working alongside communities and fostering engagement in grassroots enterprise in remote Australia. When the idea for Magpie Goose was born, Laura could see the incredible potential of this business to create enterprise learning and micro business opportunities for Aboriginal people within the fashion industry. Laura is a passionate activist for economic inclusion, and believes we all stand to benefit from an economic system in which everyone plays a valued part.
Magpie Goose exists through partnerships with remote art centres, individual artists, textile designers, graphic designers, photographers, manufacturers and screenprinters in remote and urban Australia. Click through the photos below to read more about the people and organisations who form part of our broader team!

Legal structure
Magpie Goose is a social enterprise currently being incubated by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. 
ELP is dedicated to fostering and supporting grassroots business development in partnership remote Aboriginal communities. ELP works to address the extreme economic exclusion experienced by Aboriginal people through enterprise; and enable non-Indigenous Australians to connect with, share in, and celebrate, Australia's many Aboriginal cultures.