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        PWAC Chairperson and Traditional Owner of Wadeye, Nguluyguy Margaret Perdjert.

        Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation - Wadeye
        Art Centre

        Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation is a muti-faceted social enterprise/Aboriginal Corporation based in Wadeye. Wadeye is 420km South West of Darwin, and is the NT's largest Aboriginal community.

        PWAC was founded in 1990 to provide support and economic opportunities to women and families of the Thamarrurr region.

        Palngun Wurnangat roughly translates to ‘women working together’ in Murrinhpatha, the main Aboriginal language used in Wadeye. The guiding philosophy of PWAC is, in Murrinhpatha language, "Kardu Mardinpuy kardu pule Ngalla paninu i da mayirtnu pan da kainh" (growing young women into leaders so they can run the organisation and the community).  

        PWAC is home to a growing number of Indigenous female artists whose contemporary and traditional designs are represented through screen and lino prints, stencil work, sewing, weaving and painting.

        Artwork and textiles from Wadeye artists can be purchased through Palngun Wurnangat's website.

        Wadeye artists and printers Naomi, Bridget and Elizabeth.

        Bridget Bunduck - artist of Nguluyguy print