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        Sphinx Australia
        Our manufacturers

        Sphinx Australia has been in operation since 1984, and is the longest running clothing factory in NSW. At its helm is father and son team Hassan and Tom, who have led the growth of the business from primarily government uniform manufacture, through to emerging and major fashion labels who are seeking ethically and Australian made products. A strong, dedicated team of makers, highly sought after cutter Tommy, cutters and quality controllers complete the team.

        Sphinx are located in Bankstown, Western Sydney. They are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, and produce a consistently high quality product.

        Magpie Goose team (co-founders + new owners and staff) visit Sphinx in April 2021

        Lam - Sphinx sewer

        Vivi - one of the sewers at Sphinx

        Tommy - master cutter at work

        Li - long time Sphinx worker

        Maggie and Tom striking a deal

        The, Sphinx sewer, at work