Magpie Goose is proud to showcase textiles that are designed in remote Aboriginal communities and hand screenprinted in Australia. The textiles tell rich stories of culture, seasons, landscapes, ceremony, people and place.

We do not sell fabric by the metre, but many remote Aboriginal art centres do - check out Bábbarra Designs, Injalak Arts, Palngun Wurnangat Aboriginal Corporation, Merrepen Arts, and wholesalers Aboriginal Bush TradersNomad Art & Publisher Textiles

Click on the images below for the stories of the prints, the artists and the Art Centres that we're currently working with. 

Magpie Goose will feature prints from a range of communities across Australia. Prints will often be available as short runs / limited edition.

As some designs are printed in remote communities that are often cut off during the wet season; at Art Centres that are often inundated with tourists, floods, fires and lethargic-making-humidity; by artists and printers that have various cultural and family obligations - this takes time! Join us on the slow fashion journey! Because of these challenges, we are working with Publisher Textiles (a commerical screen printing space) in Sydney to print some of the bigger orders from art centres. 

We have started to work with artists who are not connected with art centres, and also art centres that do not have screenprinting facilities. These designs are currently being printed by Publisher Textiles in Sydney. 

We thank you in advance for your patience and support. The prints that you want may not always be available at the click of a button - BUT - we'll do our best to be upfront about our processes, and availability! There's so many incredible artists, stories, and designs out there, we look forward to bringing you just a small slice of it all!