The Team

Amanda Hayman - Director

"I grew up in Logan city and have cultural connections to Kalkadoon and Wakka Wakka Country. I hold a Bachelor of Arts, with a Contemporary Art major, from Griffith University. I have 11 years of experience working within a state institution and was in a managerial position when I left in late 2017, and I have been working independently ever since. I am the Director of Blaklash Creative, an agency specialising in Aboriginal art and design, and also Director of Aboriginal Art Co, a not-for-profit company that promotes art through a gallery and store in Brisbane (opening in late March)."

Troy Casey - Director

"I am a proud Aboriginal man from Kamilaroi Country north-west New South Wales. I'm a co-founder of Blaklash Creative - an agency specialising in the curation of events, exhibitions and bespoke creative projects that connect people to positive experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and a director of Aboriginal Art Co. I'm passionate about harnessing economic development opportunities to create positive social change for First Nations Australians."


Chris Bassi - General Manager

"I am a proud member of the Meriam and Yupanguthi Nations of the Torres Strait and Cape York Peninsula but was born of Turrbal/Yaggera land. I have a diverse background in Art and Design having worked professionally in the design industry for several years with particular industry experience in print design and Australian manufacturing. I also have a visual arts practice. Working predominately with painting, my practice is informed by concerns around cultural identity, alternative genealogies, and art history."

Laura Egan - Business Development

"I am passionate about creating inclusive business models and building enterprises that foster opportunities for marginalised groups. I hold a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce and a Gradutate Certificate in Indigenous Studies. I am the Founder of Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) and co-founder of Magpie Goose."

Maggie McGowan - Communications

"After graduating with a Law degree from the University of Melbourne, I worked as a Welfare Rights Lawyer with NAAJA in Darwin and Katherine in the NT. I co-founded Magpie Goose in 2016 and love working with remote artists to capture and share their stories."

  • Perry Mooney - Sales and Customer Service

"I grew up predominately in Brisbane but am a proud Yuwi person from Mackay, with South Sea Islander and Euro-Australian lineage also. I've worked for non-profit organisations such as ACPA and larger corporations as well as an Administration Officer. All the while pursuing my acting and modelling career."


Leecee Carmichael - Casual Sales Assistant

"I am a Ngugi woman from Quandamooka Country. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts in Fashion from the Queensland University of Technology. I am a multidisciplinary artist working across weaving, painting, textiles, installation and photo media. When I'm not making and creating you can find me at Open House Collective!"