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        Tiwi Design
        Art Centre

        Tiwi Design is located in Wurrumiyanga/Nguiu on the south eastern corner of Bathurst Island. Wurrumiyanga has a population of approximately 1500. Bathurst Island has a land area of 2,200 square kilometres and is 80 kilometres north of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia (accessible via plane or ferry).

        The art centre produces ochre paintings on canvas and bark, ironwood carvings, screen printed fabrics, ceramics, bronze and glass sculptures as well as limited edition prints. The art centre's aim is to promote, preserve and enrich Tiwi culture.vThe Tiwi Design space includes a carver's shelter, pottery studio, screen printing studio, painting studio plus an administrative centre and retail gallery. Tiwi Design started from a small room underneath the Catholic Presbytery on Bathurst Island in 1968. Two young men, Bede Tungatalum and Giovanni Tipungwuti worked with Madeline Clear, the art teacher from the school, to produce wood block prints. This art form was introduced because of the natural link with traditional Tiwi wood carving techniques.

        By 1969 the artists started to transfer their designs onto silk screens. Printing textiles quickly became a major activity for the Tiwi Design artists.

        Artwork and fabric is available for purchase by visiting Tiwi Islands, or contacting Tiwi Design directly: +61 8 8978 3982,

        Tiwi artwork can also be found at various galleries, including Nomad Art in Darwin.

        Bio provided by Tiwi Design. Read more at: