Yuwurli (mangrove worm) by Angelo Munkara - Tiwi Design

Artist - Angelo Munkara





Angelo Munkara was born in 1958. He was active as an artist at Tiwi Design in the 1970s and 1980s, working as a painter, print maker and carver.

He now works at the Tiwi Shire council on Bathurst Island.

Art story

This design was created at a Tiwi Design workshop with Ray Young in 1988.

Yuwurli worm are chopped from the stems of dead mangrove root and eaten raw.

The Tiwi place the worm in the mouth head first and run their fingers down their body to squeeze the mud out. The head is bitten off and discarded.

Yuwurli worm is bush medicine when eaten during the right season.

Art Centre

Tiwi Design started from a small room under Catholic Presbytery on Bathurst Island in 1968, with Bede Tungatalum and Giovanni Tipungwuti working with the school art teacher, Madeline Clear, to produce wood block prints. By 1969 Tiwi artists were transferring their designs onto silk screens, and textiles quickly became a major activity for Tiwi Designs artists. Angelo's design is hand screen printed at Tiwi Design, Wurrumiyanga (Nguiu), on Bathurst Island (Tiwi Islands). Tiwi Design aims to promote, preserve and enrich Tiwi culture – it supports over 100 artists to do painting, wood sculptures, textiles, ceramics, pandanus weaving and printmaking.

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