Charlie is growing and so is our range of kids clothes!

Charlie is growing and so is our range of kids clothes!

Our little boy Charlie is not so little anymore and we were heartbroken when he could no longer fit into our toddler clothes. Over the years, he has grown with the brand, from bibs and rompers to overalls. When our mini boss man could no longer style up in MG, we decided to extend the sizing and create a new extended range for kids! 

Charlie wearing Magpie Goose

Charlie has definitely been spoiled with an excellent wardrobe, but the true beauty of Magpie Goose clothes is the quality; they are too good to throw out so they get passed around a lot. I know that his baby and toddler clothes will have a long and adventurous life as they are passed to friends, siblings, cousins, and community. (I reckon I could do a kids version of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!). Sustainable clothing is a way to care for Country, and it makes me happy to see these garments being worn time and time again. 

Our current baby and toddler range includes; Rompers (sizes 00–2), Pinafores and Overalls (size 1–4). They are made in the same fabric as the adult clothes and make great matching family outfits! Like all of our styles, we keep the cuts simple to hero the artwork on the fabric design. The new Kids Shirt and Kids Shorts are classic unisex designs and made in standard kids sizes 1–8.

This is Charlie now, almost 4 years old, wearing the new Inarlenge (Echidna) shorts with a Town Camp Designs t-shirt. He is sharing his matchy outfit with his friend Roy Fisher who is wearing the new Inarlenge (Echidna) Kids Shirt. 

Who knows, in 3 years time when these two are older, we may extend to junior and teens sizes too! 

Magpie Goose is a small family business and social enterprise. We recognise that children are an important segment in our community and society at large, as they are the future leaders of this country. If we can instil pride in diversity and culture through inclusive platforms like fashion, the world will be a better place in years to come.