Ewyenper Atwatye (Hidden Valley)

Ewyenper Atwatye is the Central Arrernte place name for Hidden Valley, based in Mparntwe / Alice Springs.

Hidden Valley is the English name for the town camp. Ewyenper is the spearwood tree on the hills and Atwatye means gap because the camp is between two hills. - Tim McNamara. 

In 2015, the art centre established a textile enterprise called Hidden Valley Town Camp. It is a satellite project of Tangentyere Artists. They are known to produce high-quality screen printed textiles and are the creators of the very popular “Bush car take you everywhere” T-shirt. With a recognisable style of bold line work, and comic-like images mixed with text. The newest collection will be both eye-catching and fun! This collection will include designs inspired by the desert landscape of Alice Springs, memories of mustering, adventures of camping, local plants, animals, and more! 

Released in October 2023 the collection will be released over the next 12 months. 

Ewyenper is the spearwood tree on the hills and Atwatye means gap”


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