Empowering Communities and Protecting Country: Our Special Collaboration with Firesticks Alliance

Empowering Communities and Protecting Country: Our Special Collaboration with Firesticks Alliance

Our collaboration with Firesticks Alliance is a really special opportunity to learn. We had a yarn with Rachel Steffensen, People and Partnerships Manager for Firesticks Alliance. 

Rachel, tell us about the work Firesticks Alliance does.

Firesticks is an Indigenous led non-for-profit organisation that empowers communities to protect Country through reviving cultural knowledge, our aim is to restore cultural wellbeing and identity back to people and Country through cultural fire burning and other practices.

What role does cultural burning play in caring for Country? 

Cultural fire plays a crucial role not only for the health of Country but also for wellbeing of community. For so many years Indigenous people haven’t been able to care and practice traditional knowledge to care for Country. The role of fire on Country gives opportunity not only for First Nations people to get back on to County and care for it but also for the broader community who benefit from a cleaner healthier landscape that not only prevent bushfires but will be sustainable for their children and their children’s children in the future. It’s about looking after this country for all of us.

How does cultural burning develop a sense of identity and strengthen

The opportunity to be able to support communities to revive their cultural practice through fire is very much a holistic approach. We are supporting bringing back the identity of people and their story lines to create a sustainable future through practical solutions. The continuous opportunities such as employment, better health in people and Country are ongoing, and it's because we are working alongside communities, allowing Indigenous knowledge to be the lead to looking after Country the way it should be and as it has been the only true blue print for more than 65,000 years.

How can we help? 

In the midst of a climate crisis, it's clear we need Indigenous knowledges more than ever. Make a tax deductible donation to Firesticks today to support Indigenous Fire Practitioners in managing Country the right way with Cultural Fire. You can donate funds via the Firesticks Alliance website : DONATE

Further reading : Fire Country by Victor Steffensen, published by Hardie Grant.