How to measure yourself for online shopping

How to measure yourself for online shopping

Knowing how to measure yourself for online shopping is one way to ensure you’ll select garments with the best fit. Avoiding returns saves money, time and unnecessary shipping emissions. More importantly, when something fits right you’re more likely to wear and care for your clothes more. Here we outline how to measure yourself to not only improve your online shopping experience, but to find clothes that fit well!

Step 1: Measure your body 

A garment pattern is ‘graded’ into different sizes using a few key measurements, like bust, waist and hip points. So, you want to take your own measurements to decide which size is the best match for you. 

Where to find the bust measurement

To find your bust point, use a measuring tape to wrap around the widest part of your chest. Artms down, relax your body as much as you can and keep the tape parallel to the ground. 

Where to find the waist measurement

The waist point is around your middle, typically where you bend over and a crease forms, usually somewhere around the belly button. Again, draw the tape around your waist and relax the body. 

Where to find the hip measurement

For the hip point, you’ll measure lower than your hip bone. Look for the widest part of your lower body, which is often around the bum. 

Step 2: Check the size guide

Bust, hip and waist measurements are placed into a chart by size. You can usually jump onto the size guide of a brand, which is often found on the product page of a website, to find the exact sizing of the garments you want to purchase.

Check the online size chart

The chart above is a Magpie Goose size guide on a shift dress with some commentary to help you choose which size may suit you best. Of course, all bodies are vastly different, so don’t expect the guide to match you exactly. In this example, because our model Aurora’s bust is a size 8 but hip is size 6, she’ll go with the larger of the two sizes to accommodate her whole body. 

The front centre length is the length from the base of your neck at the front (in the middle of your clavicle) to the bottom of a garment, like the hem of a top or a dress. It helps you determine how long the garment will sit on your body. For men’s shirts, the shirt length is measured from the shoulder to the hem of the shirt. 

Another option: Measure a garment 

Another way to find your best fit is to measure a garment that has a similar shape and fabric to that which you’re looking to purchase. So to use the example of this shift dress, you could pull out another dress that you own or borrow and lay it out flat to measure the bust, waist and hip points on it. You’d then apply these measurements to the chart above in the same way as we did with the shift dress. 

An alternative is to measure a garment that fits you well

Remember that all bodies are different and that it’s rare for sizing to mirror your own exact measurements, but using a sizing chart will help you find the closest fit. Now you’re ready to shop online with the confidence that the size you choose is right for you!