Aarli (Salmon) by Russel Davey

This story is about the Aarli that runs in the cold time, ‘Barrgana’ season, when the westerly winds blow. They like the murky water and they like to chase and hunt the bonefish. You can spear them in the shallow waters or catch them with handlines and nets using bonefish as bait.

I created this yin and yang design for my partner Aggie - inspired by her connection to the salmon. She is a Yawuru and Bardi woman and Yawuru Country is where the salmon runs. Walga-walga is the Yawuru word for salmon. This design represents connection and balance. The circle inside each fish is the moon and the backbone and stripes coming off each side are the mudflats at Roebuck Bay. These represent the staircase to the moon. Every month people come together to celebrate the staircase to the moon looking over Roebuck Bay.

This design represents connection and balance.”


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