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        Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake)

        "This design depicts my mother’s country of Bulgan Warra. This is the place of my ancestors. My mother and her brothers were taken from this country as part of the stolen generation. My mother’s brother who is also from this country tells me a lot of dreaming stories about this place.

        In this design there’s a big mountain with a lake – this is the northern boundary of Bulgan Warra. There’s lots of wildlife in this area – kangaroos, echidnas, goannas – all sorts. In the lake there’s long neck turtles, and lily pads growing. In the trees there’s lots of different kinds of birds.

        Every time I’m asked to draw something, I have to draw this tree; this scene.”

        - Aunty Madge Bowen, HopeVale artist

        Shorts - Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake) Shorts - Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake)
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        Bumbag - Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake) Bumbag - Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake)
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        Scrunchie - Bulgan Warra (Sacred Lake)
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