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Jacinta: “My design shows the crocodile farm - something that happened years ago here in Kalumburu during the mission times. Father Sanz used to get a lot of kids going out to the beach to collect soldier crabs to feed the crocs. After school he’d say ‘c’mon kids, let’s go get some food for the crocs!’ and we’d go out in the big ute. The crocs used to be in round cement tubs out the front of the church. I was a small kid at the time and I enjoyed going out there to collect the crabs. There was one big croc that dug his way out and swam down to the river and escaped!” 

Rosa: “Father Seraphim Sanz, was the superintendent for the mission for almost 40 years, from when he was a young fella in the 50s. He was from Madrid in Spain. Father Sanz would grow the crocs up from eggs. He would send the bigger ones off for the skins. We were small, so at the time we didn’t really know what he did with them; some people say the nuns were making chorizo from the crocs! It was also a tourist attraction. We thought he was keeping them as pets!”