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        Hunting tools

        This design shows the traditional hunting tools that the old people used to use. There’s the basket, the bush hammer (with the round end), the spear and boomerangs. The bush hammer was for digging; they’d also hit the kangaroo with the spear then hit it on the head with the bush hammer. To make the bush hammer they’d find a rock like a spear head, and use another rock to make it sharp.

        They used the basket to collect bush tucker. They would dig the ground with a bush hammer and dig up the bush foods, like bush potatoes. They’d collect bush beans, and knock the bush grapes (Klangi) out of the tree. We used the spear and boomerang to catch goanna, turkey, and kangaroo. That was before, when we didn't have rifles. 

        - Sally-Anne Milgin, Kalumburu WA

        Box top - Hunting tools Box top - Hunting tools
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        3/4 pants - Hunting tools 3/4 pants - Hunting tools
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        Box dress - Hunting tools Box dress - Hunting tools
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        Women's Shirt - Hunting tools Women's Shirt - Hunting tools
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