A collaboration with the Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre (the Kimberley, WA). Bold, statement prints telling stories of bush foods, special people and animals, cultural practices, fishing, going bush, and Mission history!  


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Shorts - Marlingu (Oysters)Shorts - Marlingu (Oysters)
Shorts - Marlingu (Oysters) Sale price$190.00
Box top - Lily PadsBox top - Lily Pads
Box top - Lily Pads Sale price$149.00
Midi Dress - Lily PadsMidi Dress - Lily Pads
Midi Dress - Lily Pads Sale price$269.00
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Long Sleeve Shirt - Lily PadsLong Sleeve Shirt - Lily Pads
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Reversible Top - Lily PadsReversible Top - Lily Pads
Reversible Top - Lily Pads Sale price$159.00
Simple Tank - Lily PadsSimple Tank - Lily Pads
Simple Tank - Lily Pads Sale price$139.00
Box Top - Croc FarmBox Top - Croc Farm
Box Top - Croc Farm Sale price$149.00
Box Top - Hunting ToolsBox Top - Hunting Tools
Box Top - Hunting Tools Sale price$139.00
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3/4 Pants - Hunting Tools3/4 Pants - Hunting Tools
3/4 Pants - Hunting Tools Sale price$194.00 Regular price$229.00
Box Dress - Hunting ToolsBox Dress - Hunting Tools
Box Dress - Hunting Tools Sale price$269.00
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3/4 Pants - Mission Fruits3/4 Pants - Mission Fruits
3/4 Pants - Mission Fruits Sale price$194.00 Regular price$229.00
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Shorts - Macassans Trading With My PeopleShorts - Macassans Trading With My People
Shorts - Macassans Trading With My People Sale price$160.00 Regular price$190.00
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Button Down Shift - Lily PadsButton Down Shift - Lily Pads
Save $23.00
Box Top - Sister SchollyBox Top - Sister Scholly
Box Top - Sister Scholly Sale price$126.00 Regular price$149.00
Long Sleeve Shirt - Hunting ToolsLong Sleeve Shirt - Hunting Tools
A-line Skirt - Mission FruitsA-line Skirt - Mission Fruits
Jumpsuit - Mission FruitsJumpsuit - Mission Fruits
Jumpsuit - Mission Fruits Sale price$279.00
Baby Romper - Hunting ToolsBaby Romper - Hunting Tools
Pencil Skirt  - Hunting ToolsPencil Skirt  - Hunting Tools
Long Sleeve Shirt - Mission FruitsLong Sleeve Shirt - Mission Fruits
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Baby Romper - Boab NutsBaby Romper - Boab Nuts
Baby Romper - Boab Nuts Sale price$55.00
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Baby Romper - Macassans Trading With My PeopleBaby Romper - Macassans Trading With My People
Save $41.00
Button Down Shift - Sister SchollyButton Down Shift - Sister Scholly
Button Down Shift - Sister Scholly Sale price$228.00 Regular price$269.00
Bumbag - StingraysBumbag - Stingrays
Bumbag - Stingrays Sale price$89.00