Lambalk Kangun Mannguy (Sugar Glider Eating Flowers) by Graham Badari

This design (created in 2013) shows lambalk (sugar gliders)feeding on mannguy (flowers). The flowers are from a tree known as mandangdang (Corymbia setosa or rough-leafed bloodwood). This tree is also prized amongst Kunwinjku people for making mako (didjeridus).

Lambalk live in hollow trees and are small, omnivorous, arboreal and nocturnal possums. The common name refers to its preference for sugary nectarous foods and ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel.

Djirrihdiddid (sacred kingfisher) also features in the design, a turquoise coloured bird that is often spotted during the dry season in the Top End.

The intricate pattern has a sense of subtle movement, as if the leaves are rustling as the lambalk flies past.