Tali Tali by Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon

Alice depicted the Tali Tali (sandhill) Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). Her work refers to the vast and desolate sandhills of her country near Taalalpi, which is located beyond the Kintore/Kiwikurra road near the West Australian and Northern Territory border. This is the country where her father and mother used to travel by foot when she was a young girl. The place was still of great spiritual significance to Alice  and her father’s family as it contains both, personal and tribal law to which Alice  related to in her work. When it rains at Taalalpi, water collects between the sandhills, providing sustenance for her porcupine. Tjilkamata (porcupine) was Alice  own personal Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). She returned to her country for a visit in late 2005.