Hats and Boots by Tim McNamara and Phyllis Stevens

“This design is inspired from our childhood growing up with my brothers and uncles, riding horses out bush, mustering wild horses wearing wide brimmed hats and sturdy boots. We would do horse races, where I’d fall off many times, but I would just jump straight back on. Our special day was (insert Aboriginal name 2:45 mins) which was a day where all of us would dress up as cowboys, and there would be a prize for best dressed. This memory inspired the making of hats and boots which transports me back to when I used to dress up with my brothers and uncles, feeling like a true cowboy.”

- Tim McNamara

“I would wear my stepfather’s shoes when it was hot walking to (insert name 2.03) and coming back home. I would complain to him “it’s too hot dad can I wear your hat as well?” I grew up seeing my cousins riding horses and wearing long boots. My stepfather would return from the bush and give his hat to the little ones who would want to look like him. When I would visit him he would always ask me where his boots (insert language name 4:10) and (insert language name 3:54) meaning hat. I also live with my cousin (insert name 8:38), every morning he will wake up at 6am still with his shorts and boots on from the day before, and go about his day making sure he has his cowboy hat on.” 
- Phyllis Stevens

This is a collaborative design by Tim McNamara and Phyllis Stevens”