Tim McNamara and Phyllis Stevens

This print is a collaboration between cousins,  Tim McNamara and Phyllis Stevens. 

"I am Tim McNamara from Hermannsburg and I’m a Western Arrernte man. I began my art journey with Tangentyere about seven or eight years ago and I still go there now. I started making t-shirts and tea towels for Ewyenper Atwatye (Hidden Valley) Town Camp Designs. My Initi design has been on the fashion runway and has also been worn by model Magnolia Maymuru in Vogue Australia. I now live in Alice Springs, and painting the 'hats and boots' design reminds me of being out in the bush with my uncles." Tim McNamara

"My name is Phyllis Stevens and I have lived all my life in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). First, we lived in a humpy in Ewyenper Atwatye (Hidden Valley) Town Camp, then we went from a tent to a tin shed, then brick houses. We would go to school under the gum tree and we had white people come in to teach us English and no one knew what they were saying. Now everyone speaks English. My cousin Tim and I do art at Ewyenper Atwatye (Hidden Valley), we have a happy little crew there at the art center. We also do gardening and look after the kids when parents are busy." Phyllis Stevens

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